Old Fort Johnson

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Montgomery County Historical Society (MCHS)

MCHS is a non-profit organization established in 1905 to collect and preserve Mohawk Valley history for the enrichment of the public. Old Fort Johnson, the 18th century home of Sir William Johnson, has been operated as a museum by the Montgomery County Historical Society for over 110 years.  The 1749 stone house includes period rooms and short term exhibits while the Visitor Center (a Johnson stable) holds our orientation video, museum shop, conference room and an excellent research library. Why is this site important to preserve? Old Fort Johnson, its exhibits and the programs of MCHS represent an opportunity to use our historical resources to instruct and delight. Old Fort Johnson itself is a unique and irreplaceable historical asset from the colonial frontier of early New York.


The Society is committed to timely and professional care and management of the Old Fort, and we accept the responsibility of maintaining these resources for future generations. Old Fort Johnson was designated a National Historical Landmark in 1974. Today the site receives no federal, state or local funds for operations.

Photographs and line drawings of the Old Fort can be studied at the 
Historic American Buildings Survey website.

1974 Historic Structure Report ONLINE